International Office & Office of H. K., Macao & Taiwan Affairs
University of Science and Technology Beijing

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 The International Office & Office of H.K., Macao and Taiwan Affairs, called IO for short, is the administrative organization of USTB in charge of enforcing foreign affairs and policies, and coordinating international collaborations.


The main resposibilities of IO include but not limit to:
  a. planning and implementation of major foreign affairs and H.K., Macao and Taiwan affairs;
  b. negotiations, implementation and management of international collaboration programs;
  c. information and contact service of teaching, R & D, intership and international academic exchanges for students and staff;
  d. management of exchange students of all international programs;
  e. enrolment and management of international students;
  f. arrangement of Chinese language courses for international students;
  g. recruitment and management of foreign experts and language teachers;
  h. verification and approval of international conferences and international cooperative programs;
  i. visa service for personnel sent abroad on official duty; and
  j. other affairs assigned by higher authorities.



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