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 In the recent five years, we have recruited about 1500 foreign experts, who have played an important role in our student cultivation and development of the key disciplines and state key laboratories.

1. teaching
Every year we recruit 20 high-level foreign teachers who give language lessons not only to majors of English, Japanese and German, but also to college students of other majors. A number of foreign experts are invited to offer courses in English, such asCollege Physics and Frontiers of Physics for undergraduate students and Fracture Theory for graduate students. Besides, every year short-term foreign experts give about 100 lectures covering various disciplines and fields.
2. research
We actively apply for intellectual introduction projects funded by the government so that we can conduct collaborative research together with renowned foreign experts to solve key technical problems in research. Up to now we have formed several intellectual introduction discipline clusters and conducted steady and long-term research collaboration.
3. academic charm
Up to now we have invited a number of top-ranking scholars and researchers to visit USTB, give lectures, and conduct collaborative research. Some of them have received the title of Honorary Professor of USTB, including Prof. Ryoji Noyori, the Nobel Prize Winner for Chemistry. Some have received the Honorary Doctoral Degree of USTB, including Prof. Burhard Rauhut, the former rector of RWTH Aachen University and Professor Akito Arima, the former president of University of Tokyo and Chairman of Japan Science Foundation. They give inspiring lectures to USTB teachers and students and motivate their enthusiasm for scientific research.


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