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International Students Cultural Journey to Miyun Qingshan Valley

          On June 17 organized an event where over 50 international students were taken to Miyun Qingshan Valley to carry out team building exercises.

       In the morning with the assistance of a guide, the students climbed to the peak of the valley as a cool breeze blew, marveling all the while at the burbling brooks and beautiful green vegetation that surrounded them, a pleasant change of view from the suburbs of Beijing. As they climbed you could hear enthusiastic conversation and laughter, and as the students crested the peak they cried out “we love USTB!”

       In the afternoon the students engaged in some water-based team building exercises. Under the guidance of a coach the students competed in a number of activities that tested their athleticism, team spirit, and persistence. At the conclusion the students expressed their happiness with the activity.

       Students feel excitement and share their enthusiasm.

       As the time counts down to graduation, the students have been engaged in a number of cultural activities to give them fond memories before they leave USTB for the next stage of their lives.

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