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Chess Master Visits USTB


Vice President of the Beijing Chess Academy Zhang Qiang

       Chess is one of the cultural treasures of the Chinese nation, with thousands of years of history. It represents the crystallization of wisdom, but it remains a question of how to take such an intangible cultural icon and teach it to others.

       On June 16, as part of its end of the year activities USTB invited the Chinese Chess Association to visit the university and give a presentation on chess in China. The turnout for the event was great, and not a single seat was left unfilled, and in fact many had to stand. Zhu Yuehan of the Beijing Chess Academy spoke to the students about the Academy’s close relationship with USTB and its work in promoting chess in the classroom and teaching students the rules and how to enjoy the game.

       "I know that many of my classmates are full of curiosity and longing to learn about Chinese culture, and I am honored to be able to listen to the lectures of the masters today," said Zhao Liying, director of the Center for International Students of USTB. In recent years, USTB has attached great importance to the cultural experience activities of international students, so as to create more opportunities for international students to experience Chinese culture, and the chess school activities carried out in our school last year have been widely praised by teachers and students. At the event famous chess master were able to communicate and interact with students so as to share their joy for the game.

       As part of the activity the chess masters explained the rules and general strategy of the game, going through each point in detail, before finally opening up for Q&A. Students were also given the chance to play and learn each pieces move set so that they got more hands on experience with the game.

       "Chess has great meaning at USTB," said Zhang Qiang. "We have a culture of chess, and we hope to hold more of this kind of promotional activities. Already have a preliminary chess level, so I hope to carry out some chess games in the university. It not only teaches Chinese culture, but I think it will help to build strong friendships too.”

       A classmate from Cambodia said, "Today is the first time I’ve been in contact with chess. I listened to the teacher's explanation, and although I do not understand the rules, I already like the game and would like to buy a chess set to practice with my roommates." One student from Africa, holding chess pieces said to reporters, "I play chess, and am not very good at it, but today I have the opportunity to play more and learn greater strategy. If there is a similar activity next time, I will come to participate.”

       The event was organized by the Chinese Chess Association, Beijing Jin Yang Cultural Development Co., Ltd., and the USTB International Student Center supported the event.

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