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As the Year Ends, Graduating Students Engage in a Activities

 Foreign students, having traveled thousands of miles, see their time at USTB coming to a close, and begin to reflect on their memories, friendships, and time at university.  As they say goodbye, there is both anxiety and sadness, but also a parting mood. Therefore, USTB International Student Center carried out a variety of graduation season series activities, so that international students could have some parting fond memories before setting sail on the next stage of their lives…

Graduate Season Activities - Hiking

       On June 17, the International Student Center took graduates to the Miyun Qianggu Valley. Walking along the rugged steep mountain road, the students lamented the nature of the gods, but marveled at the beautiful waterfall they chanced up. Along the path and along the cliff they crested the hill, shouting "We love USTB!"


Graduate Season Activities – Thanksgiving

       The “Send the Teacher a Letter” event was an interactive activity where graduate students sent word of gratitude to their teachers. Whether it was a line of simple text, or a sheet of affectionate greeting cards, the goal was to express their feelings to their mentor. Words and phrases are short, but the gratitude of the words found within the words can never be forgotten! Although the writing of students is not neat, and the text was simple and simple, it was full of real feelings, and fully demonstrated the value of the teacher-student relationship.


Graduate Season Activities – June

       With the coming of June and the accompanying beautiful weather, the International Office arranged to take video and photos of students as they readied to graduate. Located across the campus in their caps and gowns, the students cut a fine figure as they took their pictures.



       In order to show their gratitude to their teachers and the USTB staff who had assisted them, the students designed photo collages of memorable events to present. These collections were then sent to teachers, mentors, administration, and other International Office staff. Such a wonderful gift fully demonstrated the students’ gratitude for the work of others.



Graduate Season Activities – Remember USTB

       The USTB International Office offered to graduating students a special gift: a graduation ring. The special engravings on the ring are intended to help students always remember their alma mater and the good memories they made there.


       Time moves quickly, and we cannot slow the years. But with the future we look forward to seeing the successes of our graduating students as they make use of the knowledge they have accumulated here. As students leave for the next journey of their life, they will always remember where they came from, and be certain of the future ahead…



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