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USTB Hosts 2016 Cross-Strait Youth Entrepreneurship Training Camp

          On the morning of July 6 USTB hosted the 2016 Cross-Strait Youth Entrepreneurship Training Camp. The ceremony was attended in part by Deputy Director of the Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs Office Zhao Lingshan, President of National Taipei University of Technology Yao Lide, President National Quemoy University Huang Qi,  President of National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology Chen Zhenyuan, President of National Yunlin University of Science and Technology Hou Chun, Vice President Huang Zhen and Vice President Chen Shou of Hunan University, Vice President of Jiangsu University Mei Qiang, Secretary of the Party Committee Wu Guilong, USTB President Zhang Xinxin, and founding member Qiu Hao. The opening ceremony was chaired by USTB Vice President Wang Ge, and was attended by more than 300 teachers and students from 26 Taiwan universities and 6 mainland universities.


       President Zhang began by extending his warmest welcome to the visitors. He spoke of how the rapid development of society required us to cultivate innovative thinking and an entrepreneurial spirit in future leaders, the training of which should be the common goal of cross-strait higher education sector. He encouraged young members of the audience to take responsibility for promoting the development of innovative society. He expressed his hope that the young students from both sides would gather together to communicate frankly, gain new knowledge and build friendships.


       Deputy Director Zhao pointed out in his speech that educational exchanges are one of the most active areas of cross-strait exchanges, and promote both cooperation and great development. Under the current cross-strait development agreement, it is necessary to give full attention to dialogue in higher education exchanges.


       President Yao said that while students from both sides might read and speak the same language, their backgrounds were different, allowing opportunities for broadening their horizons. He firmly expressed his belief that young entrepreneurs will certainly ignite a fire around the world; he further encouraged young people embrace the dream of entrepreneurship, bold practices, and the courage to explore. This year coincided with USTB’s and Taipei University of Science and Technology’s 20th anniversary of establishing inter-school cooperation, and he also hoped that the two schools would further deepen exchanges and strengthen cooperation over the coming years.


       The opening day also saw the delivery of special reports from cross-strait scholars and entrepreneurs to the assembled teachers and students, which analyzed the current situation of entrepreneurship and sharing entrepreneurial experience. "Entrepreneurship, are you are ready?" Founder Qiu Hao said that entrepreneurs need to understand their own interests, and to adhere to accumulation; he emphasized the importance of understanding the details of their work and being passionate about it. He suggested that college students should consider starting their own business 8 to 10 years after graduation, when they’ve accumulated some resources. President of Taiwan's Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology, and member of the Taiwan Innovation and Entrepreneurs Association, Chen Zhenyuan, delivered a report titled "From the Development Trend of Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Similarities and Differences of the Cross-strait Business Education". USTB Party Secretary Wu Guilong on behalf of the university awarded two certificates to speakers.




       In the afternoon the second Cross-strait Innovation and Entrepreneurship University Forum was also held. Representatives gave presentations on entrepreneurship educations, innovative personnel training, the development of cross-strait education and other topics.

                This 8 day event focused on entrepreneurial practice, and held business seminars, entrepreneurship salons, entrepreneurship courses and training, field teaching, cultural visits and other activities, intended to provide cross-strait teachers and students in-depth insight into entrepreneurial practice and exchange experience, stimulating students' innovative potential. Activities focused on cross-strait students to enhance the interaction, communication and cooperation, and highlighted the establishment of entrepreneurial classroom to break boundaries and promote cooperation between different colleges and universities in mainland China and Taiwan university students.


Since 2006, USTB has promoted cross-strait university teachers and students exchange activities, with the goal of promoting knowledge and practice. It has attracted a large number of Taiwan universities, as well as some mainland universities to engage in broad participation. Our cross-strait exchanges have become a brand project, and at home and abroad enjoy a certain degree of popularity. The number of Taiwan and mainland universities participating in this event was the highest in history.



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