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USTB Holds “Shared History Amongst Peers” Activity for Taiwan Student Visit to Great Wall

This semester the USTB International Office arranged the “Shared History Amongst Peers” activity, which brought 20 Taiwanese exchanges to visit the Badaling section of the Great Wall, a visit which is held every semester. Its purpose is to help introduce students to Chinas great monuments and help them gain a greater appreciation for the nation’s history and culture. It also helps to promote mutual understanding and friendship between the students. Also present were members of the “Hi World” club.

The morning of the 23rd was cold, despite the supposed arrival of Spring, and required students to wear their down jackets to brave early morning chill. Their enthusiasm and determination remained undeterred, however, and the students excitedly climbed the Wall to earn some magnificent pictures.

The “Shared History Amongst Peers” activity is part of a routine series of activities that are planned annually that allow students to experience authentic Chinese culture, experience a shared sense of pride and understanding, and build a platform between Taiwanese and Mainland students to interact.In recent years USTB has continued to build stronger relationships with Taiwanese universities through mutual respect and cooperation. 

Each semester the number of Taiwanese exchange students coming to USTB have increased. At the same time more USTB students are going to Taiwan. USTB seeks to engage in mutual student and teacher exchanges, academic research, and joint cooperation with Taiwanese universities.


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