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German University Consultation Day Held at USTB

On May 12th, the German Academic Exchange Center (DAAD) held a consultation day for German universities at USTB. More than 150 students attended the event to learn more about foreign exchange opportunities in Germany.

In addition to DAAD and the Goethe Institute, seven German universities participated in the event, disseminating a wealth of information to the attending students. The DAAD-organized event was very popular, attracting not only USTB students but also students from other universities as well, who came well prepared to ask university representatives many specific questions. Those German universities which specialize in engineering and related disciplines were especially crowded with students.


After the exhibition concluded Ms. Liu Jie, a representative from Aachen University of Technology, said: “As expected, most students consulted with me on mechanical engineering and other engineering disciplines. Surprisingly, many of their questions were very specific and in-depth. Also, many were interested in pursuing their doctorate as well. I believe at least 20% of the students I met asked about earning a Ph.D.”

Another representative was Ms. Zhou Qinya from the Munich University of Technology in Bavaria, who said: “Today was very different from other large exhibitions. Usually students who attend aren’t very familiar with studying abroad or how to apply. Today’s exhibition was different as students came for consultation, which required some basic knowledge of foreign exchange programs. The students who came had specific issues and questions they need addressed. That allows us to provide more targeted and useful information.”


The German University Consultation Day is an activity organized by DAAD and held at key Chinese universities that allows German universities to introduce their schools to students. Attendees are not only able to ask specific questions of university representatives, but also gain general information for other schools at the event. During the event a lecture was held that gave information on studying in Germany, while each school described their curriculums and specialties.

The event was hosted by the USTB International University and co-sponsored by the Hi World Overseas Learning Exchange. The Foreign Language Consultation Day is one of the many activities held by the International Office which aims to provide students with resources on overseas educational opportunities, expanding their knowledge and experience with foreign exchanges programs.

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