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UK University of Warwick Dean of Manufacturing Engineering Visits USTB

On the morning of June 19, Lord Kumar Bhattacharyya, a member of the British House of Lords and the Dean of Manufacturing Engineering at the University of Warwick, visited USTB accompanied by David Mullins, Director of the International Department.


President Zhang and Lord Bhattacharyya briefly reviewed the history of cooperation between their two universities. Since first signing a cooperative agreement in 2013 the schools have carried out collaborative efforts in the fields of metallurgy, student and teacher exchanges, research, and English curricula. In the future they intend to work together in pursuing automotive construction research. Lord Bhattacharyya invited President Zhang to visit the University of Warwick to see the school’s automotive research center, international manufacturing center, and international digital laboratory.

The University of Warwick School of Manufacturing is Europe’s largest manufacturing research center, and was praised by former British PM Blair as the “Beacon among British Universities”. It has cooperated with industry leaders like Rolls-Royce, BMW and Jaguar and R&D and manufacturing. It has a reputation for training excellent and internationally well-known manufacturing and engineering management personnel.

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