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USTB Hosts “Intelligence Drives the Future” 2017 Cross-Strait Youth Science and Technology Exchange Program

On the morning of June 29th, USTB held the opening ceremony for the 2017 “Intelligence Drives the Future” Cross-Strait Youth Science and Technology Exchange Program. The event was attended by over 200 students and teachers from 22 universities in Taiwan such as National Taiwan University, Taipei Tech, and Taiwan Tech, as well as participants from USTB. Those attending the opening ceremony included Deputy Director Yu Bin, from the Office of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs at the Ministry of Education, Bi Zeyu, from the Beijing Municipal Office of Taiwan Affairs, Professor Ma Xiaokang, from National Taiwan University, Dr. Wang Peng, Director of Technical Cooperation and Strategy at the China Institute of Technology, and USTB President Zhang Xinxin.

The welcome speech was warmly delivered by President Zhang to the assembled Taiwan delegations. He spoke of how the program, being the 14th occasion, had brought together USTB and its Taiwanese friends and served to deepen ties and cooperation between both sides. He said how the exchange program was only possible thanks to the efforts of all those assembled, and that he hoped the students would see USTB as a second home which they could frequently return to and visit.


Yu Bin then addressed the students, and told them how the future of cross-strait relations and the Chinese nation rested on them. She expressed her hope that the students on both sides would bring their wisdom, creativity, and innovation while further seeking to cultivate their academic skills. Furthermore she wished that students and teachers from both sides of the Strait would seek to strengthen exchanges and understandings, work towards common development, and further consolidate cooperation between their universities. She also spoke of recent policies intended to further strengthen ties with Taiwanese compatriots.


Following that were speeches delivered by Professor Ma Xiaokang and Dr. Wang Peng, who spoke of “innovative green technology and opportunities for further green development” and “smart core learning experience” respectively. Their reports detailed cutting edge technologies and recent developments to the engrossed crowd. President Zhang personally awarded commemorative plaques to the speakers.



That same day, students participated in a robotic smart car exhibition, which attracted a large number of onlookers. Those who came to watch were very impressed to learn about the mechanics and characteristics of the cars.


The exhibition was focused on examining the design process and development of smart cars, presenting it as a future activity for science and technology students. It sought to cultivate students’ knowledge and interest in basic engineering processes, as well as stimulated their desire to pursue similar scientific research. During the eight day event lectures and practical courses were designed around the topic of smart cars, with teachers and students from both sides participating in the events.



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