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Delegation from the University of Missouri, USA, Visits USTB

On the morning of October 16, Vice President Kevin Truman of the University of Missouri in Kansas, USA, led a delegation to visit USTB. Present to meet the delegation were Vice President Lu Zhaoping, Director Guo Kanjun of the International Office, and Vice Dean Ning Huansheng of the School of Communications.

Vice President Lu welcomed the guests and briefed them on USTB’s academic expertise and history of international cooperation. Vice President Truman then spoke of how the two universities shared similar areas of expertise and that the situation was conducive for in-depth cooperation.

Following that the two sides discussed areas of potential collaboration. Included were the founding of 3+1, 2+2, and 1+1 programs. Additionally they discussed the establishment of satellite schools, overseas programs, and personnel training.


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