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USTB Organizes Extra-Curricular Activities for Visiting Taiwanese Students

On October 13, the USTB International Office organized the “Peer-to-Peer” student activity in cooperation with the Bank of China for Taiwanese students. The activity is routinely organized every semester and is intended to demonstrate the wonders of the Great Wall of China. Being both broad and profound, the visit helps to deepen relations and understanding between Taiwanese and Mainland students.

On the morning of the 13th, under the cold yet blue sky, the students set off from USTB to visit the Great Wall and experience its architectural wonders.

The “Ba Da Ling” section was a very important part of the fortification project. It was viewed as a key installation, which could not afford to be lost. Seen today, the wall provides amazing scenic views of the magnificent landscape, and is recognized as an internationally acclaimed tourist destination.

The Taiwanese students, though finding the climb difficult, nonetheless expressed their wonder for the Great Wall.


The “Peer-to-Peer” project is one that is regularly organized for visiting Taiwanese students. It is intended to introduce them to the wonders of China’s historical architecture and create a sense of belonging and understanding between them and Mainland students.

In recent years USTB has sought to increase and deepen its exchanges with Taiwanese universities, providing closer relationships and greater collaboration. In addition to student exchanges USTB undertakes joint-research, visiting professor programs, and other projects.

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