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President Zhang Leads Delegation to Visit Taiwanese Partners

For the purpose of promoting greater relations with USTB’s Taiwanese partners, from October 11-13 President Zhang Xinxin led a delegation to visit National Taiwan University, Fu Jen Catholic University, Feng Chia University, and other partners, as well as attending the 13th Cross-Strait Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Forum.

At National Taiwan University, President Zhang met with Vice President Zhang Qingrui to discuss collaboration in materials, energy, environmental science, automation, mechanical engineering, as well as student and teacher exchanges, and joint research. Vice President Zhang thanked USTB for hosting the 12th Cross-Strait Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Forum and welcomed them to National Taiwan University, expressing his optimism for future exchanges between the two universities. At the 13th Cross-Strait Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Forum President Zhang delivered a report on the “Beijing-Tianjing Hebei Region Energy Sustainability Collaborative Innovation”, discussing the economic success and development of the region and heightening awareness amongst the assembly.

At Fu Jen Catholic University the delegation met Vice President Yuan Zhengtai to discuss further collaborative efforts between the universities. President Zhang began by introducing the characteristics of USTB, emphasizing its efforts to promote internationalism. He described how USTB had already signed cooperative agreements with 26 Taiwanese universities, engaging in student and teacher exchanges, joint-research, and efforts to promote cross-strait education. Vice President Yuan thanked the USTB delegation, and expressed his hope the two schools could deepen mutual understanding and cooperation in a number of fields.

At Feng Chia University President Li Binggan met the USTB delegation. Together they discussed mutual teaching methods, cooperation in materials science, automation, and energy, and joint-seminars. President Li extended a warm welcome and congratulated USTB on its accomplishments and thanked them for the visit. Afterwards the delegation visited a number of special sites on the Feng Chia campus to witness the university’s inner workings.

These series of visits have helped to deepen mutual understandings and cooperation between USTB and its Taiwanese partners, especially in a number of key scientific fields necessary for future research and international seminars. It is most commendable that both sides have improved cross-strait relations for future cooperation.

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