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Winty Cheung of the University of British Columbia Visits USTB

On November 6, Ms. Winty Cheung, Executive of the University of British Columbia visited USTB. The visit aimed to bring about understanding in the development direction of civil engineering, computer and information technology, economic management and other disciplines at USTB and further deepen cooperation and exchange between the two universities. Deputy Director Li Bei of the International Department received the guests.

Deputy Director Li began by welcoming the guests and briefing them on the academic direction of USTB, especially in regards to students’ overseas experiences. Since the two universities began officially cooperating, 6 students from USTB have gone to the University of British Columbia to receive their Master’s degrees. Both sides expressed optimism at deepening cooperative efforts and engaging in further student and teacher exchanges. Ms. Cheung then spoke of her university’s efforts at promoting student exchanges, and went on to praise the high level of USTB students that had come to study at her school.

The University of British Columbia was founded in 1908, and along with the University of Toronto, McGill University, and Queen’s University, is known at the Canadian “Ivy League”. They have consistently received praise from the Canadian Prime Minister and have won several Nobel prizes. The University of British Columbia is a multidisciplinary school that offers training in a wide array of subjects. In addition it is well regarded for its postgraduate programs and research capacity.

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