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Director of Joseph Needham Institute Visits USTB

On December 14, 2017, Professor Mei Jianjun, director of the Needham Institute in Cambridge, UK, visited USTB. Present to welcome him were USTB President Zhang Xinxin, Vice President Lu Zhaoping, Director Guo Kanjun of the International Office, and President Wei Qian of the Institute of Science, Technology and Cultural Heritage.

President Zhang began by welcoming Professor Mei. He spoke of how Professor Mei has worked with USTB for many years and has a good understanding of our school. Both sides have carried out substantive cooperation such as student cultivation and teacher exchanges. In September 2017, in the "double first-class" selection, USTB was included in the ranks of first-class disciplines in four disciplines, including the history of science and technology. USTB attaches great importance to the development of this discipline and has adjusted the institutional setup of the Institute of History and Cultural Heritage of Science and Technology and given its support in policy, manpower and material resources. President Zhang expressed his hope that Professor Mei’s visit was an opportunity to push for more cooperation between our school and the Needham Institute, including the establishment of a joint research center and cooperation in research.

Director Mei Jianjun then briefed the attendees on the Joseph Needham Institute. The Institute is one of the four major international centers for studying ancient Chinese science and technology and has made outstanding contributions to promoting the study of Chinese history. He said that since the establishment of the Needham Institute its directors have maintained close ties with Beijing University of Science and Technology. Professor He Bingyu, the second director, and Professor Gu Keli, the third director, visited USTB for academic exchanges and were recognized as honorary professors. He hoped to further strengthen cooperation between USTB and the Institute. Establishing a joint research center would be a good starting point for the ongoing study of the Needham Institute's study of the history of science in China and East Asia, and also improve the visibility and popularity of USTB and Needham Institute around the world.

Afterwards, Vice President Lu Zhaoping, Director Guo Kanjun, President Wei Qian and Professor Jian-Jun Mei conducted an in-depth discussion. President Zhang Xinxin and Director Mei Jianjun signed a cooperation agreement on behalf of USTB and the Needham Institute.


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