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2017 “Exotic Overseas Life” Student Exchange Program Event Held

On December 22, 2017, the "Exotic Overseas Life" event was held at USTB. Professor Lu Zhaoping, along with the vice-chancellor, professors and directors of relevant departments attended the symposium. Nearly 100 teachers and students from around the university attended the seminar.


Professor Lu delivered a speech in which he discussed his personal study abroad experience and USTB’s programs. He mentioned that USTB has always been committed to promoting students to pursue overseas exchanges. This strategy for schools serves the country's talent development and allows for schools pursue internationalized development. It also promotes the physical and mental health of students. He hoped that more students would pursue study abroad opportunities, going abroad to experience the exotic life. He also hoped that more high-quality students could return to their alma mater and contribute to the nation.

Afterwards 10 student representatives from 6 groups conducted a summary report of their overseas experiences. These students participated in a variety of exchange programs, exchange visits, study tours, national public camps, summer professional internships / social studies and other multi-modal projects. In addition, for the first time, the program invited alumni to return to USTB and share the impact their exchange experiences had on their personal development. From the student reports, the participants shared a deeper understanding of Chinese and foreign education, a clear understanding of their own life planning, learning to take advantage of various opportunities to enhance themselves and greatly expand their horizons and enhance their cross-cultural communication skills. They also aroused strong sympathy from the teachers and students present. It demonstrated the need for USTB professors to aim for higher standards to help prepare students for studying abroad.


Afterwards the “Promotion and Consulting” representative from the USTB Graduate School discussed the school’s advanced graduate program, overseas exchanges and delivered information for students on how to apply.

In 2017, as many as 124 exchange programs were conducted USTB, and 733 students went to study abroad through different projects. Students of USTB independently apply for the international exchange program and an international exchange scholarship to build a three-dimensional international exchange application channel and multi-level funding system, which has formed an exemplary role in domestic universities. Holding of this event is an important measure for the internationalization of USTB and an important way for students to enhance their knowledge. It will further deepen the students' understanding of various exchange programs and help them make rational plans for studying abroad and prepare accordingly.


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