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USTB Representatives Attend Conference on Refugees and Migrants at United Nations

From January 8 to January 11, a USTB delegation went to the United Nations to attend a conference on refugees and immigrants. Representatives from UNHCR, IOM and UNESCO as well the University of Pennsylvania, Guildford University, Wesleyan University, Montclair University, Hamburg University, University of Santa Maria in Brazil, Frederik of Cyprus University and De Montfort University in the UK attended the meeting. USTB stood as the only representative of Asian university at the meeting.


The conference was held to highlight the positive role played by universities in solving global problems, enhance the awareness of young students' social responsibility and showcase the responsibility of contemporary youth. The conference revolved around the theme "Feasible solutions to the problems of refugees and immigrants," divided into "Why are we here", “What can a university do" and "What are we going to do". The three sections conducted a series of in-depth discussions and exchanges with delegates from universities, and actively offered advice and suggestions to refugees and immigrants around the world. Representing USTB were students Wang Ruxin, Zhang Hui, Zhang Shuhui, Yang Jiawei, Emmanuel Oedy, and USTB Program Manager Matthew Surey from the International Office.


In recent years, USTB has been actively exploring the cultivation of highly qualified and internationally innovative talents, successively sending students to the United Nations to organize internships, and jointly training innovative talents with foreign universities. Through this meeting, the school not only issued the "Voice of China", but also demonstrated the school's strong social responsibility.


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