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2018 Taiwanese Exchange Student Spring Class Arrives at USTB

On March 2nd, 2018, 35 Taiwan exchange students arrived at USTB to begin their six-month program. On the morning of March 5th, the USTB International Office held a briefing session for the students regarding the 2017-2018 Spring Semester. Relevant teachers and staff attended the session and provided guidance for exchange students.

At the meeting, staff discussed various aspects of the exchange program including students' daily lives, course selection, transportation, communication, medical treatment, dining, and book borrowing, and responded to on-the-spot questions from the students. After the meeting, the exchange students reported to their respective colleges.

This semester, USTB continues to implement the “student partner system” to pair Taiwanese students with mainland learning partners to help them become familiar with the atmosphere of our school as quickly as possible. In order to help the Taiwanese students to adapt to their new environment and build friendships with their partners, on March 14th, the International Office organized a welcome meeting specifically for the exchange students and their partners.

Guo Kanjun, Director of the International Office, attended the welcome meeting and delivered a speech. Director Guo welcomed the Taiwanese students on behalf of USTB. The International Office will, as always, work to improve the exchange students and help student program and solve problems students encounter during their stay. She ended by expressing her hope the students would have a fulfilling stay at the university.

In order to allow the students to get acquainted as soon as possible, the International Office designed a self-introduction game. In the “disconnected finger” game, the students learned about each other’s experiences, followed by other activities. The students seized the initiative, and the multi-purpose hall filled with laughter for some time.


A total of 35 students from 11 schools in Taiwan came as part of the exchange this semester. At the same time, our school also sent 54 students to 16 universities in Taiwan this semester. This reflects the fact that USTB has continuously strengthened its cooperation with Taiwan’s universities in recent years. The relationship between schools has become increasingly close, and the fruits of cooperation have become increasingly abundant.


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