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Representatives from Lulea Confucius Institute, Sweden, Visit USTB

 On the afternoon of April 11, Ms. Wang Mei, the foreign director of the Confucius Institute at Lulea, Sweden, and Professor Yi Yi, Director of the International Department of Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology, led a delegation of the Lulea Confucius Institute Winter Camp to visit USTB.

Director Guo Kanjun and Deputy Director Li Bei of the USTB International Office received the visitors and welcomed their arrival. The two sides various challenges involving the Confucius Institute as well as the experience of running schools.


Afterwards, the students of the Confucius Institute met with the students of the USTB Foreign Language School, international students, and the members of the Hi World Overseas Learning Exchange Association. The students sat in groups while talking freely and happily, speaking sometimes in Chinese, sometimes in English.


The Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology was invited to visit the Confucius Institute at Lulea in Sweden. There it learned the experience of running the Confucius Institutes in the two schools. It also provided opportunities for students of USTB and the Swedish students to communicate and improve their oral expression skills while learning of each other’s culture. It also laid the foundation for the future summer camp activities of the USTB-De Montfort University Confucius Institute.


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