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Swansea University Vice President Visits USTB

 On the morning of April 12, Prof. Iwan Davies, Vice President of Swansea University in the UK, led a five-person delegation to USTB to discuss cooperation. Vice President Lu Zhaoping received the guests and the Director of the International Office Guo Kanjun accompanied him.


Vice President Lu briefly reviewed the history of the cooperation between the two universities, and discussed USTB’s "two-class" discipline construction strategic plan, as well as the prospects for the future cooperation between the two universities. He pointed out that the in-depth cooperation between the two universities in student communication has laid a solid foundation for cooperation, and coupled with the similar setting of disciplines in both schools, there will opportunities for further cooperation in scientific research and teaching between the two universities.


Vice President Davies said that USTB is one of Swansea University’s most important. He hopes that the two universities can further expand academic exchanges, extending from science and engineering to cooperation in the fields of classics, law, and literature, and further boosting the core development of disciplines.

At the end of the meeting, the two universities reached consensus on the form of further cooperation. The two parties will play to their respective advantages and strengthen cooperation with the industry. They will jointly declare scientific research projects, build joint laboratories/research centers, and engage in exchange visits between scholars and innovative talents. They will also undertake intensive cooperation in training, summer primary school lectures, and cultural exchanges.



After the meeting the delegation visited the USTB history museum.


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