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Delegation from National Pingtung University of Science and Technology Visits USTB

 On the morning of April 23, President Dai Changxian from National Pingtung University of Science and Technology (NPUST) led a 10 person delegation to visit USTB. They were warmly met here by President Zhang Xinxin.

USTB has been working closely with NPUST for many years, with the many exchanges of teachers, students, and close cooperation being very fruitful. President Zhang highly praised the friendship between the two universities before discussing the development status of USTB, introducing the “two-class” subject construction strategy plan of the university. He then discussed collaborative efforts with NPUST, before concluding with saying he looked forward to the future cooperation direction of the two universities. During the speech he mentioned certain joint projects, such as the Institute of Precision Medicine and Health, the Pingtung Institute of Bio-Agriculture, the Institute for Advanced Materials and Genetic Innovation, and the Academy of Robotics, which can all be developed in the corresponding academic fields with NPUST.


President Dai introduced the academic research carried out by NPUST in the fields of medical care, health, energy conservation, and environmental protection in light of the social conditions in Taiwan. He suggested that the two universities carry out a joint scientific research program between the teachers in the two universities. Subsequently, the heads of various colleges and functional departments of NPUST introduced and shared their departments, key research directions, and teaching and educating modes in their respective colleges, and cooperation efforts with related disciplines in USTB.


After the meeting, the delegation went to the School of Machination and Automation to visit the laboratory.

Representatives of USTB accompanying the delegation included the heads of relevant departments including the Schools of Mechanics, Planning, Automation, Chemical and Life Sciences, Economics and Management, as well as the academic affairs office, student affairs department, and Director of the USTB International Office. Representatives from NPUST’s School of Engineering, College of Agriculture, School of Management, College of Veterinary Medicine, Academic Affairs Office, Academic Affairs Office, and the Mainland Affairs Office were among the participants.



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