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First Symposium Between USTB & Feng Chia University Was Held

 From April 23-25, the first USTB- Feng Chia University (FCU) bilateral academic seminar was held at USTB with the theme of “Inheritance, Innovation, and Beyond”. President Li Binggan of FCU led a delegation to the conference. President Zhang Xinxin of USTB met with guests, and Vice President Xue Qingguo, as well as the heads of relevant colleges and departments attended the opening ceremony and sub-forum of the seminar. Sub-forums were contracted by Colleges of Materials, Automation, and Energy.

The seminar opened on the morning of April 24. Vice President Xue gave a welcome speech on behalf of USTB. He said that USTB and FCU have a good foundation for cooperation. The two universities attach great importance to the development of exchange and cooperation with universities across the Strait, and continuously seek to promote greater exchanges and cooperation. This meeting is the first meeting after the establishment of a bilateral seminar cooperation mechanism based on the continuous expansion of the exchange scale and the continuous advancement of cooperation. It is hoped that the seminar will build a platform to allow people to speak up, share wisdom, communicate, make friends, and writing a new chapter in cross-strait academic exchanges.


Liu Pei, President of International Relations FCU, then spoke. He pointed out that FCU has listed USTB as one of its five deep strategic partners in mainland China and is eager to conduct in-depth cooperation with USTB in various fields such as engineering and business. The seminar has provided a platform for teachers and students of the two universities to exchange ideas, enhance understanding, and develop academic research and cooperation. It is believed that the sparks and follow-up achievements that the teachers and students of the two universities will jointly discuss and learn from each other during this meeting will become the best model for deepening exchanges and cooperation between the academic circles of the two sides of the Taiwan Strait.


At the opening ceremony, Professor Lin Qiuyu and Associate Professor Zhu Zhengyong from the Green Energy Development Center at FCU, and Professor Xia Dehong from the School of Energy and Environmental Engineering at USTB, respectively, addressed the topic of the symposium and entitled "Innovative two-stage gaseous biomass energy system” and “Discussion on the Mechanism of Smog Formation in China”, sharing the latest developments in the field of energy and environment from the aspects of biomass energy and atmospheric pollutant components.


The seminars discussed the topics of materials, automation, and energy in three separate venues. The teachers and students of the two universities conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions. A total of 36 oral reports were presented, covering areas such as composite materials, biomass energy, and artificial intelligence. Through introduction and discussion, both teachers and students further deepened mutual understanding and sought cooperation in related fields.

Those participants from FCU included Professor Dou Qiren, Dean of the Institute of Electric Power, Dean Wu Zhichao, Dean of the School of Science, Liu Pei, Director of the International Office, Director Lin Qiuyu of the Green Energy Center, and Director Zhu Zhengyong of the Green Product Research Center, along with 15 others. From USTB there were Dean Wang Li of the Energy Institute, Zhang Zhaohui, Deputy Director of the Institute of Automation, Liu Jiemin, Minister of the Research Department, Zheng Anyang, Director of the USTB Party Office, Li Shuai, Secretary of the Materials Institute, Deputy Dean Xia Dehong of the Energy Institute, and Associate Dean Feng Xiaohui, as well as more than 50 representatives from the departments of energy, materials, machinery, automation, etc. attended the opening ceremony. The opening ceremony was hosted by Director of the International Office, Guo Kanjun.


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