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USTB Delegation Travels to the United States to Discuss Cooperation and Recruit Talents

 In order to further deepen the substantial cooperation between our university and US colleges and universities, and promote the school's first-rate discipline construction, teacher team construction and personnel training, from May 7-11, director of the Materials Institute Wang Luning, as head of the "thousands plan" experts Zhang Xueji of the College of Chemistry and Chemistry, Guo Kanjun, Director of the International Department, and Liu Wei, Deputy Director of the Personnel Department, visited the University of California at Riverside, Irvine, Los Angeles, and the University of Michigan to discuss cooperation with USTB and recruit talents.

At Riverside Campus, the delegation held a lively conversation with professors Marko Princevac, Vice Dean Jun Wang, and professors from the Department of Materials and Department of Biological Engineering. The two sides agreed that they must further strengthen teacher exchanges and scientific research cooperation on the basis of many years of student visiting programs in both schools.

At the Irvine Campus, the delegation met with Susan Bender, Director of Global Affairs, Michael Lyons, Director of International Projects, Charles Smith, Associate Dean of the School of Continuing Education, and Lily Wu, Director of Academic Innovation Program at the School of Engineering to discuss the two schools framework of cooperation, the possibility of cooperation in projects such as student 3+1 (+1) programs, summer camps, and high-end visits will be carried out.

At the Los Angeles campus, the delegation met with the winner of the University of California President Medal and editor-in-chief of ACS Nano, senior professor Paul Weiss, the dean of the California Nanotechnology Institute Professor Jeff Miller, deputy dean Professor Ali Khademhosseini, and the head of the chemical department Prof. Panagiotis Christofides and others to further deepen cooperation between the two sides in the fields of chemistry, biology and materials, and advance the work of the Institute of Precision Medicine and Health of the University, helping to build the first-rate discipline of our university.



The delegation also paid a visit to the Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in Los Angeles and was warmly received by the Education Counselor Zhang Taiqing and the Deputy Consul Cao Gan. The two sides conducted in-depth exchanges around the university's first-rate discipline construction goals, conditional construction, and faculty development. Zhang Taiqing expressed his admiration for the university as the first university under the Ministry of Education to undertake the tasks of the National Science Center. He hoped that our university would leverage its international resources to further develop its advantages and characteristics and strive to create a world-class reputation.

Based on this visit, our school will hold a formal talent meeting overseas for the first time, and it will receive extensive attention from overseas young talents. At the University of California Los Angeles and the University of Michigan, the delegation held two talent meetings with young talents from world-class universities such as UCLA, University of Southern California, University of Michigan, and University of Illinois at Chicago. At the meeting, Liu Wei introduced USTB, its talent policy and incentive measures of the school and expressed his determination to respect talents. Wang Luning and Zhang Xueji’s personal experiences combined with their own personal experiences sincerely incentivized young talents to join USTB to build their future.



During this visit, the delegation of our school went to various schools in California and the University of Michigan for in-depth exchanges, and held overseas talent meeting to deepen cooperation with U.S. friends and schools, expand international cooperation, enhance international status and influence, and improve teachers’ quality. It is of great significance to advance the ranks of the team and promote the construction of first-rate disciplines.

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