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USTB Holds Honorary Doctoral Award Ceremony for Kumar Bhattacharyya

On the morning of June 29th, USTB held its 2018 student graduation & degree awarding ceremony. At the ceremony, USTB awarded an honorary doctorate to Lord Kumar Bhattacharyya, founder and chairman of the Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG). The ceremony was attended by USTB Chancellor Wu Guilong, President Zhang Xinxin, Vice Chancellor Quan Liangzhu, Vice Chancellor Dai Jinggang, vice president Xue Qingguo, vice president Wang Weicai, Wu Aixiang, He Minqing, Zang Yong, and members of the degree evaluation committee, heads of various schools and postgraduate training units, responsible persons of relevant functional departments, ambassadors and counselors of the national embassy, and some foreign students. The ceremony was presided over by Vice President Zang Yong.

To begin, Prof. Xue Qingguo, vice president of USTB, announced the awarding of the honorary doctorate of Professor Lord Kumar Bhattacharyya and detailed his CV. After being approved by our university's degree assessment committee and the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council in April 2018, USTB decided to award the honorary doctorate of Lord Kumar Bhattacharyya.


Professor Lord Kumar Bhattacharyya is a fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, a fellow of the Royal Society, a regius professor of manufacturing engineering, and the founder and chairman of WMG. Under his leadership, WMG has become one of the world’s top research and education institutions. It has achieved outstanding academic achievements and has conducted extensive cooperation with research centers in China, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Turkey. He has long been committed to cooperation with China and is a proud recipient of the Great Wall Friendship Award presented by the People’s Government of Beijing Municipality and the Chinese Government Friendship Award presented in September 2017 by Vice Premier Ma Kai. This was established in recognition of foreign experts who have made outstanding contributions to China’s modernization, reforms and opening up. Lord Bhattacharyya has visited USTB several times since 2013 and has made significant contributions to the cooperation between USTB and WMG.

With enthusiastic applause, President Zhang Xinxin awarded Prof. Kumar with an honorary doctorate certificate from USTB.


In his speech, Lord Bhattacharyya expressed his gratitude to USTB and shared his experiences of promoting the cooperation between the UK and China and examples of international cooperation and exchange between WMG and USTB, before wishing all graduates the best of luck in starting a new phase of their lives. Prof. Kumar said: “I am delighted to be awarded an honorary degree for my contribution to business and engineering, and honoured to receive this from such a prestigious university.”


This event further promotes close cooperation between China and the United Kingdom in the fields of scientific research, education, and personnel training, as well as cooperation between our university and WMG.


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