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“Pursuit of Technology” USTB Hosts 2018 Cross-Strait Youth Science Camp Opening Ceremony

 On the morning of July 9, the “Pursuit of Technology” USTB Hosts 2018 Cross-Strait Youth Science Camp Opening Ceremony was held at USTB. The event was attended by nearly 200 teachers and students from 19 Taiwan universities and USTB, including Taipei University of Science and Technology and Taiwan University of Science and Technology. Wang Zhiwei, deputy director of the Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs Office of the Ministry of Education, Professor Wang Yusheng, former director of the China Science and Technology Museum, Associate Professor Yan Shangqing from Tainan University of the Arts, and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Vice President of the University, Professor Xue Qingguo attended the opening ceremony. Also attending the opening ceremony were the heads of relevant colleges and functional departments of USTB.



Xue Qingguo delivered a speech and extended a warm welcome to the teachers and students from Taiwan as well as the other guests present. He mentioned that USTB has close cooperation with many Taiwanese universities. The exchange of young teachers and students across the strait is not only a core goal of USTB, but also signifier of the friendship between the two sides of the Taiwan Straits. He hoped that the teachers and students on both sides will collaborate and stimulate the dream of science and technology. Additionally, that USTB will go hand in hand with the schools on the road to the world-class universities and first-class disciplines, and seek common development and common progress.



In his speech, Wang Zhiwei pointed out that it is hoped that cross-strait universities and teachers and students will carry out in-depth exchanges, promote mutual understanding and cooperation, and jointly strive for excellence. The future of cross-strait relations belongs to young people on both sides of the strait. The hope of the Chinese nation also belongs to young people on both sides of the strait. The nationals of a country should have "warm and respect" for their past history. He expressed his hope that teachers and students in Taiwan will have a deeper understanding of the economy, culture and society of the mainland. He also introduced the Huitai measures to Taiwanese teachers and students, and welcomed the development of Taiwanese teachers and students to the mainland.






Afterwards, senior experts and scholars Professor Wang Yusheng and Associate Professor Yan Shangqing delivered special reports on the topics “Review and Prospect of China's Science and Technology Development” and “Integration of Archives, Museums and Library Digital Resources”. The experts' reports were circulated and clarified, so that every teacher and student present had a new understanding of China's history of science and technology development and the role of science and technology in national rejuvenation and social development. On behalf of the event organizing committee, Xue Qingguo presented a commemorative certificate to the speakers of the report.


Focusing on "science and technology and development", this event hopes that students from both sides of the Taiwan Strait will learn wisdom, enhance their responsibilities, and contribute to the theoretical innovation, institutional innovation, technological innovation and cultural innovation of human society. During the eight-day period, special lectures, field teaching, cultural visits and other activities will be held to bring together the teachers and students of the cross-strait universities to carry out study and exchange.




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