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Professor Yan Shangqing from Tainan National University of the Arts Visits USTB for Academic Exchange

From July 6th to 11th, 2018, Associate Professor Yan Shangqing from Tainan National University of the Arts in Taiwan was invited by the USTB International Office and Institute of Science, Technology and Cultural Heritage for an academic exchange.

On July 9th, Professor Yan participated in the “Pursuit of Technology” program for the 2018 USTB Cross-Strait Youth Science Camp, there delivering a lecture entitled “Integration of Archives, Museums, and Library Digital Resources” before the assembled teachers and student.

On July 10th, he participated in the “Symposium on Integrated Museum Management Systems”. The participants discussed issues on five aspects: 1. the creation and integration of museum collection metadata in the Taiwan Digital Collection Project; 2. the sharing of experience in public large-scale museum collection management systems; 3. The Taiwan Museum Collection Management System implementation of standardization; 4. the construction of the domestic museum and the status quo; 5. the application of a domestic collection management system. During the meeting, after listening to the report on the implementation of management systems, Prof. Yan had a rousing discussion with the participating experts on the advantages and challenges of the practice, giving high praise and imparting his own valuable opinions.

Under the arrangement of our school, Prof. Yan visited the USTB International Office and discussed academic cooperation and exchange between the two universities. In addition, he went to the Capital Museum for a tour.


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