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2011 international students registration Process

 Registration Process

New students, please finish your registration following steps shown in this paper, and return it to information desk when every block below is signed.

· Get your Chinese name; Get a dormitory. 

· Fill in “USTB foreign student registration form” and “Safety responsibility”    (Position 1)

· Hand in the registration form;  Register; Get “USTB foreign student administration handbook”   (Position 2)

· Get registration and insurance fee note;

  Get Bank card and meal card (Position 3)

· Pay registration fee and insurance fee (Position 4)

· Visa registration; Hand in Photos; Register for physical exam (Office room 107)

· Visa processing (After depositing tuition fee before September 5 and getting physical exam result, please bring your deposit receipt, JW202/JW201, admission notice, physical exam result and RMB460 to Office room 107)


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